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The New York State Flag

The New York State Flag
Like many other flags, the (New York State Flag) harbor a history of its own.  The (NY flag) displays the State Coat of Arms, which was adopted in 1778.  The flag, at present, is a “modern version of a Revolutionary War Flag.” . The original, rests peacefully for all to see, at the Albany Institute of History and Art.

About the New York State Flag
The (New York State Flag’s) Coat of Arms displays right in the center of the flag, a blue field, with a cloudless sky that backs a rising sun behind three mountains, said to be the highlands of the Hudson River.  Above the shield in the center between the two figures is the American Eagle, with its wings spread above a globe.  The two figures, ‘Liberty and Justice’, and below them is the State moto, Excelsior, which means “Ever Upward”.  Which definitely lives up to its name.  New York is a State that builds upward continuously; have you seen their structures? 

For many Americans, the word Gettysburg means different things to them.  To many, it was a sad time and to others, it was a liberating time. Gettysburg, (the place, not “the address”) houses banners from the battlefield at their exhibit, one of those flags being the New York Flag.  “The battle of Gettysburg which took place between July 1-3, 1863 gave each flag its own silent testimonial to the gallantry of all New Yorkers who followed their colors into battle in and around small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, those fateful three days.”  New York State went into battle in July of 1863 with ten conserved battle glags.

When in New York or Not
For the millions of tourists and visitors that frequent New York State, most, if not all, go back home with some kind of souvenir from New York City.  Many return home with:
·         The American Flag
·         The “I Heart NY” mugs
·         A figurine of Lady Liberty (Statue of Liberty) 
·         Baseball Caps
·         “The Big Apple” T-Shirts and mugs
While it may not be easy acquiring these souvenirs in stores, they’re very easy to attain through an online supplier.  Gettysburg Flag Works, is an online supplier for flags of all kinds.  In fact, you don’t even have to step foot in New York City to get your hands on any of the above mentioned tokens of travels.  Many, if not all, can be purchased from an online store.  If you’re an avid flag enthusiast, look no further than .  This site is a flag lover’s haven. 

What Else at Gettysburg Flags Works
Besides the New York State Flag, the supply flags of a different kind.  Flags that represent other things, such as sports teams, universities, regiments, and even the New York City Flag.  It seems that every organization, state, city, and sports team wants to be represented and known by their flags; and no one better than Gettysburg Flags Works is equipped to provide such service.

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