Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Show Off"

Working Twice as Hard

As a black race, we've always had to work twice as hard as our Caucasian counterparts.  Even when we are given the same opportunities, blacks always have to work harder to get half of what they have.  If they get a 50% on a test, we have to get 100%.  If they work 20 hours a week on the job, we have to work 40 hours on the job, just to earn half of what they earn. It doesn't seem fair you say?  No, it doesn't.  But, this is how the world operates.

Black on Black Oppression or Plain Ole Envy

It's very unfortunate when one black person tries to oppress another through the means of put-downs, and inappropriate comments that are meant to make that person feel small and bad about their personal accomplishments.  I have personal experience with this, and it does not feel good.  As a black woman with multiple graduate degrees, it's still difficult for me to land a good enough position that will allow me to relax and enjoy life.  I'm still hustling, trying to land a full time position as an instructor.  I work hard to improve my skills and gain the experience that I feel will catapult me, not necessarily to the top but to the middle where I can be comfortable.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who I feel might not want me to succeed.  Every time I make an effort to improve my viability through hard work, such as investing time in my profession, going to professional developments, going on campus to prepare my lectures because of the work atmosphere it provides, I'm accused of "SHOWING OFF".  Every time I post my new status on Linked In or Facebook, I'm accused of "SHOWING OFF", by no one other than the person I expected to support me, who is also black.  Well, if being proud of my accomplishments is considered showing off, then I AM GUILTY.  Bring the handcuffs, arrest me and throw me in "Showing off " jail and throw away the key.

For years I worked hard in school, through it all, being a mother and a wife (although one might say I am not a good wife), but that's not the point.  The point is, I've worked hard to get where I am, and I'm not done going places.  I will always be ambitious, dedicated, and forward thinking.  You can't stop me. I'll stop when I'm dead.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

By Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman?
Delivered 1851
Women's Convention

Well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter. I think that 'twixt the negroes of the South and the women at the North, all talking about rights, the white men will be in a fix pretty soon. But what's all this here talking about?

That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain't I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain't I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well! And ain't I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman?

Then they talk about this thing in the head; what's this they call it? [member of audience whispers, "intellect"] That's it, honey. What's that got to do with women's rights or negroes' rights? If my cup won't hold but a pint, and yours holds a quart, wouldn't you be mean not to let me have my little half measure full?

Then that little man in black there, he says women can't have as much rights as men, 'cause Christ wasn't a woman! Where did your Christ come from? Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.

If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back , and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner ain't got nothing more to say.

This was a speech by Sojourner Truth (no changes made by me)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Car Crash Capital 4th and Bonneville

Las Vegas must be the car crash capital of the world. The picture you see above is one of many crashes I have witnessed here in Vegas.  Vegas is filled with young people who for some deluded reason believe they are invincible, so they decide to use their expensive car toys to prove it, at the expense of innocent lives other than their own. 

Drunk driving is an everyday occurrence here in sin city. Every vehicular accident that gets reported on the news, is always alcoho related. What is being done to prevent this reckless behavior?  Not much. People just need to take responsibility for their actions.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Can't Believe What I Found Out About Doctors and Medicaid in the state of Nevada

The Haves and the Have Nots

In America, there are those whose medical needs are provided by the government, in the form of Medicaid.  Then, there are those with good jobs, whose medical needs and services are provided by their employers.  Sometimes their health plan is 100% covered and other times they only contribute 20% and their employer contributes 80%.  This is fine, for those who have worked hard and are rewarded with a good medical coverage.  But, as Americans, we're still doing something wrong.  France and Canada provide free government health care to its citizens. (What do you have to say to that?).

Last week I went to see my doctor for my annual check up.  One of the concerns he had about my health was that my thyroid appeared enlarged.  I told him that I hear that from every doctor I've seen in the past 5 years, but they could never find anything in the ultrasound test results, just like they could never find anything wrong with my heart, even though I get heart palpitations, unusual fast heartbeat, and sudden shortness of breaths.  Could this have anything to do with the fact that I'm a medicaid patient?  I Don't know.

What My Doctor Told Me

As I wait, my doctor, begins the process of writing out a prescription for me to see a specialist to get an ultrasound for my thyroid.  "Unfortunately, it might be one month before you get an appointment, as a medicaid patient", he said.  "That's what they're doing to medicaid patients here in Nevada", he said.  "You should write about that in your blog", he suggested. My doctor was right.  When I went home and made the call to the specialist on July 29, 2016, I was given an appointment for August 29, 2016 to get an ultrasound on my thyroid.  So, here we are.  I'm writing about it in my blog.

Studies Show...

Studies show that "Medicaid typically pays physicians 56 percent of the  amount that private insurers pay.  As more and more doctors refuse to accept Medicaid, it is increasingly difficult for Medicaid patients to find medical care.  When admitted to hospitals, Medicaid patients often have more serious conditions than privately insured patients." (Dayaratna,2012)  http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/11/studies-show-medicaid-patients-have-worse-access-and-outcomes-than-the-privately-insured.  As I sit here writing this piece, I feel a tingling in my heart, as if someone is massaging my heart from the inside.  I feel tingling sensations, it comes and goes, and yet, nothing can be found to be wrong with my heart. 

Signs of Thyroid Cancer

Individuals with thyroid cancer often experience the following symptoms, however, not everyone experiences any or all of these symptoms.
  • A lump in the front of the neck, near the Adam's apple
  • Hoarseness
  • Swollen glands in the neck
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain in the throat or neck
  • A cough that persists and is not caused by a cold
Personally speaking, I may only have one of these symptoms, which is supposedly the swollen glands in the neck, which only a medical profession can detect.  When I look in the mirror, I don't see any swell on my neck.

It isn't often that medical professions share the secrets of their trade with their patients, but, when they do, it's because they want us to know so we can do something about it, because they themselves may not be in a position to do something about it. I think my doctor opened my eyes to an evil side of his profession so that I can help myself and others however I can.  So, this is me helping. Take control of how you receive medical care.

Dayaratna, K.  Ph. D.  (2012)  Studies Show: Medicaid Patients Have Worse Access and Outcomes Than The Privately Insured. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/11/studies-show-medicaid-patients-have-worse-access-and-outcomes-than-the-privately-insured

The New York State Flag

The New York State Flag
Like many other flags, the (New York State Flag) harbor a history of its own.  The (NY flag) displays the State Coat of Arms, which was adopted in 1778.  The flag, at present, is a “modern version of a Revolutionary War Flag.” www.nysl.nysed.gov . The original, rests peacefully for all to see, at the Albany Institute of History and Art.

About the New York State Flag
The (New York State Flag’s) Coat of Arms displays right in the center of the flag, a blue field, with a cloudless sky that backs a rising sun behind three mountains, said to be the highlands of the Hudson River.  Above the shield in the center between the two figures is the American Eagle, with its wings spread above a globe.  The two figures, ‘Liberty and Justice’, and below them is the State moto, Excelsior, which means “Ever Upward”.  Which definitely lives up to its name.  New York is a State that builds upward continuously; have you seen their structures? 

For many Americans, the word Gettysburg means different things to them.  To many, it was a sad time and to others, it was a liberating time. Gettysburg, (the place, not “the address”) houses banners from the battlefield at their exhibit, one of those flags being the New York Flag.  “The battle of Gettysburg which took place between July 1-3, 1863 gave each flag its own silent testimonial to the gallantry of all New Yorkers who followed their colors into battle in and around small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, those fateful three days.” https://dmna.ny.gov/historic/btlflags/exhibits/gettysburg.htm.  New York State went into battle in July of 1863 with ten conserved battle glags.

When in New York or Not
For the millions of tourists and visitors that frequent New York State, most, if not all, go back home with some kind of souvenir from New York City.  Many return home with:
·         The American Flag
·         The “I Heart NY” mugs
·         A figurine of Lady Liberty (Statue of Liberty) 
·         Baseball Caps
·         “The Big Apple” T-Shirts and mugs
While it may not be easy acquiring these souvenirs in stores, they’re very easy to attain through an online supplier.  Gettysburg Flag Works, is an online supplier for flags of all kinds.  In fact, you don’t even have to step foot in New York City to get your hands on any of the above mentioned tokens of travels.  Many, if not all, can be purchased from an online store.  If you’re an avid flag enthusiast, look no further than http://www.gettysburgflag.com .  This site is a flag lover’s haven. 

What Else at Gettysburg Flags Works
Besides the New York State Flag, the https://gettysburgflag.com supply flags of a different kind.  Flags that represent other things, such as sports teams, universities, regiments, and even the New York City Flag.  It seems that every organization, state, city, and sports team wants to be represented and known by their flags; and no one better than Gettysburg Flags Works is equipped to provide such service.

The Pursuit of HGH

What is HGH and Why We do we Use it?

                Human Growth Hormones (HGH), according to WebMD (2014) is a synthetic human growth hormone, developed in 1985 and approved by the FDA for specific uses.  HGH is “produced by the pituitary gland, spurs growth in children and adolescents. It also helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function.”  We start losing the HGH in our bodies little by little as we get older.  Young people are laden with HGH, that’s what makes them so active, resilient, and eat until the cows come home, without gaining an ounce of weight.  Not so for those of us thirty years old and beyond.   When adults develop human growth deficiency, they can begin a regimen of injecting human growth hormone in their bodies, a therapy that helps with bone density and increase exercise capacity.
                HGH, is the most active hormone in the human body.  Once it starts to dwindle in the body, so do we.  Those who are not willing to grow gracefully and naturally tend to fight the aging process, and as soon as a fad appears that promises the fountain of youth, it’s all we think about, everything we do orbits around the way we appear to the world.  Apparently, the deficiency of the human growth hormone in our body is not as common as we make it out to be.  In fact, it’s very “rare”, based on an article from the Mayo Clinic.   The theory is that increased levels of HGH can:
  •  Turn back time and promise a better sex drive
  • Fitter body
  •  Improved mood
  • Radiant skin, and tons of energy to do whatever
Those who have used HGH swears by its rejuvenating effects, however, research about this supplement is practically non-existent.  Which begs the question, “How effective can it be?”.  After all, aren’t we all after the Fountain of Youth?  If it truly worked, shouldn’t the world be looking rather youthful and full of energy!

How is it Suppose to Work?

                According to an article by Alana Nunez of Shape, “Doctors have been using HGH for years in children who suffer from abnormal growth problems, and is sometimes used to regulate blood sugar in diabetics”.  Once in a while we would hear about athletes getting suspended for the use of HGH injections, in order to enhance their performance on the field. Even celebrities have been known to dabble in the supplement.  HGH, can be prescribed by a doctor, if it is proven that the patient can benefit from its use, that’s apparently the only instance when it is legal to inject, otherwise, it’s illegal to distribute HGH for any reasons other than medical use.  But, HGH supplements can be purchased over the counter, in a manner of speaking, without prescription, because the ingredients are mostly synthetic version of hormones.   Which leads me to ask the question, “How potent is it if the ingredients are synthetic?”

                About a decade ago, I did try HGH, a couple of times.  My first ordered was from an online source, it came in a brown 2-ounce bottle with a suction syringe that I used to place the water-tasting liquid supplement under my tongue.  It did nothing for me, as I recall.  Mind you I was in my thirties, so I don’t know if that may have been a deal breaker.  My second round of trial was also from an online source, same 2 ounce bottle, and this time, it was a spray.  Once again, nothing happened.  My high blood pressure did not subside, my weight did not drop, my lack of energy never changed, my skin did not become firm in any way, and my brain activity did not enhance, nothing changed in other words.   People who have used prescribed HGH has said that, after using the supplement, they felt good physically and mentally.  One user claimed that her “skin tone got better, her eyes got brighter, hearing got better, and she could keep up with people who were a lot younger than she was.”  

Beneficial Claims and Side Effects

                Because the body's HGH levels naturally decrease with age, some so-called anti-aging experts have speculated and claimed that HGH products could reverse age-related bodily deterioration. But these claims, too, are unproven. The use of HGH for anti-aging is not FDA-approved.
Nevertheless, some people obtain injectable HGH from doctors who prescribe it for off-label purposes (uses for which it was not approved by the FDA) and through Internet pharmacies, anti-aging clinics, and web sites.
                Some people acquire HGH products to increase their body's own production of HGH in the form of pills and sprays. Companies that market these products on TV infomercials or online, claim that they turn back your body's biological clock by:
·         Reducing fat
·         Building muscles
·         Restoring hair growth and color
·         Strengthening the immune system
·         Normalizing blood sugar
·         Increasing energy and improving sex life
·         Improving sleep quality, vision, and memory
However, the Federal Trade Commission has yet to see reliable evidence to support the claim that these products have the same effects as prescription HGH, which is always given by injection. Taken orally, HGH is digested by the stomach before it can be absorbed into the body.  It is possible that prescription HGH is more effective than the synthetic HGH, so the next time I decide to try using HGH again, I will be talking to my physician for sure.
                Besides its benefits, HGH has possible side effects that may be hazardous to the body. Some of these side effects include:
·         Nerve, muscle or joint pain
·         Swelling due to fluid in the body’s tissues
·         Carpal tunnel syndrome
·         Numbness and tingling of the skin
·         High cholesterol

 According to WebMD, “if a person gets the HGH drug illegally, without prescription, it’s hard to tell whether or not he or she is getting the actual drug, that provides the supplements their body needs or that they expected to get.”  There’s always a high possibility that they’re getting something illicit and a drug that is unapproved by a doctor or the FDA.   The advice given by doctors, is that, you should speak to your doctor before starting a HGH therapy.